Independent businesses in Stroud are again taking part in the national Fiver Fest which is due to take place next month.

The festival was created by Totally Locally, a marketing campaign for towns to help buck the trend of declining high streets.

35 independent shops in Stroud took part in the first Fiver Fest back in October.

Businesses will again be putting on special £5 offers as part of the campaign, which aims to boost the town centre.

Speaking about the festival, Tony Davey, chairman of Stroud District Chamber of Trade and Commerce, said: “We already have 10 committed businesses taking part and more verbally committed to join in this time.

"Not only does this event offer some great deals for those who use independent businesses in Stroud, it also helps raise awareness of the many great businesses we have in town, many of them off the normal route that people may take.

"We are looking forward to this being a bumper event and reminding the public that spending money in local, independent businesses attracts more money that stays in the local economy and community for the benefit of all."

A statement on the Stroud Chamber of Trade website, says: "If every adult in Stroud spent just £5 a week in our independent shops and businesses, instead of online or at big supermarkets, it would be worth £4.5m a year going into our local economy, which means more jobs, better facilities and a nicer place to live."

Fiver Fest takes place from February 15 to February 29.

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