A GROUP of Beavers have turned fundraisers after hearing about the plight of wild animals caught in the Australian bush fires.

The topic came up at the Randwick Thursday Beavers' ‘log chew’ session, which is a forum where where the group talk about what they would like to do at future sessions.

“During the discussion the Beavers brought up the topic of the fires in Australia,” said Kelly Dawson, one of the Beaver leaders.

“We are linked with a Beaver group in Australia, so we have talked a lot about the country in the past.

"They all said they were incredibly sad about the loss of life and the effect this was having on the animals.

“They had a really in-depth conversation between them, it was quite touching to see how much they care.

“We found out a Bushfire Recovery Badge had been bought out, with all the money going towards helping the animals, so they all decided to go for the badge.

“Some of the ways that the group earned money was Oscar read to his little sister before bed; Erin helped to feed the chickens and collect the eggs; Lewis did jobs to help his nanny; Milo made his bed and got ready without being asked; Tom helped put out the recycling; Harriet helped her dad put up shelves, and Jonty tidied the garden. Cubs Max and Rilley helped out too.

"We are incredibly proud of our Beavers," said Kelly.

"This was initiated by them, they showed such empathy and compassion and genuinely wanted to try and help, which they have."