Stroud farmers' market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

I always feel that, despite the general perception that January is the longest month by far, February is the hardest to endure.

The winter is embedded in the landscape.

The lowest point of the cycle has been reached, and we await the improvement!

Farming is not a lot of fun in February. This year’s major issue is not snow blizzards like it was two years ago and even Storm Ciara is less of an issue than the absolutely sodden soil.

The amount of rainfall this winter came on top of a particularly wet autumn and the race is on for some serious drying out to happen to prepare for spring planting.

Large areas missed winter crop planting in the autumn and a spring failure will spell disaster for many.

At the market we resist any weather to keep the market on.

For many farmers and food producers it represents the most important day’s trading of the week and a cancellation spells loss of income and ruined, perishable stock, a double loss.

Winds for this Saturday look quite strong again but we have the necessary kit to keep things rooted to the ground so come on down!

Coleshill Organic veg are away but that gives us the chance to invite Adeline Farm to come along with their vegetables, which are very good. Elsewhere we have a great cheese selection with Stroud cheesemakers Godsell’s Cheeses and Jonathan Crump Cheeses alongside Windrush Valley Goat Dairy and Village Maid Cheeses.