As some of your readers may have noticed, Tesco have introduced a green recycling bin at some of their stores, which are specifically for flexible packaging, pet food pouches and various other items which are specified on the front of the bin.

Well done, Tesco, as all of this material has to date gone to landfill.

I can only hope that people use these bins only for disposal of the specified items, because if it is not correctly used , you can be sure that, in a similar way to other recycling collection points which have been grossly misused, it is likely to be withdrawn.

Thankfully, the opening in the bin only allowed material of small dimensions to be placed inside.

However, a word of warning.

My experience at the Cirencester branch is that the facility is already proving so popular that the bin size is inadequate, so if you are taking material to your Tesco, put it in a plastic bag and tie it up, as you may have to leave it beside the bin.

Bob Kingsland