RESIDENTS at a Stroud care home have been receiving heart-warming letters from pupils at nearby primary schools.

Yvonne, care home activity co-ordinator at the Lillian Faithful Homes charity, has set up a ‘post cards of kindness project’ with Gloucestershire schools and the care home residents.

The project involves school children writing post cards and letters of their thoughts and stories about their day, and sending them in the post to the residents at Lillian Faithful's care homes to open and read.

Yvonne began sending letters in November to all of the primary schools in Stroud inviting them to take part in ‘post cards of kindness.'

They were very excited to have a response from several schools with letters to the Resthaven care home in Pitchcombe near Painswick including Rodborough primary first, then Foxmoor primary before Christmas and Rosary primary afterwards. 

Residents at the care homes are now taking time to sit and write letters back which Yvonne said they really enjoy.

Yvonne said: “The benefits to our residents are huge and it brings them so much joy and lots of giggles.

It sparks memories and conversation together about their school times and when they were young, which is great for those living with dementia.

"The letters are all so heart-warming to read with beautiful thoughtful drawings added.

"It is also fantastic for the children's writing and connecting them with older generations that still enjoy the art of writing and reading letters.”

Yvonne would like to encourage more schools to be involved in across the county there are five Lillian Faithful care homes and two day centres with around 250 residents that would welcome the post.

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