Is your pet extra special?

Today is Love Your Pet Day and we want to see pictures of your pet to celebrate. Perhaps you have an unusual pet or your cat or dog is simply the best.

Whatever the reason simply post a picture of your pet in the comments section below.

Stroud District Council is also urging all pet owners to take a bit of time out today.

Join Stroud District Council’s Animal Welfare team by celebrating Love Your Pet Day today.

Although the team often helps with animal problems, it’s important to remember that pets also bring enormous joy and companionship.

So although we love our pets every day of the year, this day is an opportunity to show your pets how much you care.

Here are seven ideas for dog owners:

1. Extra play time – treat your dog to a new toy to stimulate body and mind or spend more time playing with existing toys

2. Extra “walkies” – try a new route or devote longer to the walk. If your dog is usually kept on a lead, hire a secure walking field and let it run free

3. Make healthy, homemade dog treats – there are plenty of simple recipes online

4. Arrange a playdate – people like socialising and so do most dogs

5. Pamper your pooch – how about a bath, groom, haircut?

6. Give the gift of safety – make sure your dog is micro-chipped (it’s a legal requirement). Perhaps a GPS pet tracker appeals – they can be used to count ‘steps’ as well

7. Take a great photo of your hound and share it far and wide.

Whatever your pet, from horses to gerbils or parrots to corn snakes, make sure you spoil it this Love Your Pet Day.