TODAY was the big reveal day for the DIY SOS team at their latest project in Cheltenham.

The Chapman family were shown around their newly transformed home in Charlton Kings, which has been adapted to make living there easier for the family, whose members have various health issues, including myotonic dystrophy and fibromyalgia.

All the work on the house was carried out by the BBC TV show’s crew and an army of Gloucestershire volunteers, who gave their time and materials for free.

The work on the house will not be revealed until the show is broadcast early next year.

But Dylan Jones, a heating engineer from Bisley, joined Nick Knowles and team to lend a hand, gave us a flavour of what it's been like.

"We did it!" he said.

"It’s been amazing, and one of the hardest builds they have done, because of the weather.

"The storms were the worst in ten years and affected all the ground works, drive way and the garden.

"I was lucky enough to be working inside, but hats off to all those workers who worked tirelessly through that cold and very wet weather.

"Another storm came in this morning and then we had a break in the weather and had to quickly film then.

""The reveal day was today and the atmosphere and energy there this morning was out of this world.

"The family’s reaction to their new home was heart warming.

"Their reaction slowed down the filming schedule because they simply could not believe the transformation. They were all really emotional.

"There was the usual tears from the rest of us too."

The show is due to be broadcast on BBC One early next year.

Dylan has volunteered on a DIY SOS episode once before, when the BBC TV crew headed to Avening in 2017 to carry out home alterations for Ben Wernham, after he was left paralysed from the neck down in a swimming pool accident. This episode, which was filmed in the summer of 2017 and first aired in October 2018, re-aired on BBC1 last night.