YOUNG people from the Door youth project have raised more than £2,000 in just nine months for an electric tricycle to support a14-year-old with a debilitating condition.

Ollie suffers from plastic bronchitis, a rare lymphatic flow disorder that causes severe respiratory issues, as well as hypoplastic left heart syndrome which reduces the ability to pump blood.

His new trike was essential to improve his wellbeing and sense of inclusion.

“Because of the disability I have, this will help my mobility,” he said.

“I can’t even walk a mile so this will really help.”

Ollie’s heart and lungs are only working at half the capacity they should be meaning he quickly loses his breath.

In addition to this, Ollie’s heart medication causes his blood to thin making it more dangerous for him to take part in activities, because if he cuts himself, he can bleed profusely.

Ollie was starting to feel excluded, he wasn’t able to keep up with his friends and was being kept inside at break time.

The electric trike allows Ollie to adjust the bike’s power assistance, so he can go further distances without putting himself at risk.

The Door has multiple centres in the county, and all centres got involved with the fundraising, which included cake sales and a Christmas craft fair.

Ollie wished to get a little independence, wanting to be able to go out independently without fear and without always having to be driven.

“I will be able to go places on my own, not have to worry,” he said.

“I can just go to my friend’s house or whatever, whenever I want and not have to think can my mum drive me, or can they come and pick me up?”

Ollie and the team at the Door were expecting it to be a long time before they got close to the target but with the assistance of charity, Heart Heroes they exceeded their target.

Ollie plans to learn road safety before taking his new trike out with friends.

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