A HAIRDRESSER is celebrating his 30th anniversary of styling hair in Stroud.

Merfyn Williams, 66, has been styling hair at the Peter Hickman Salon on Gloucester Street, Stroud for three decades.

Merfyn first got into hairdressing when he left school, before a stint in supermarket management.

His love of hairdressing won out in the end, and he retrained as a stylist in Knightsbridge and then took up a post at Peter Hickman’s Gloucester salon.

He remained there for five years, before transferring to the Stroud branch.

He has since become a partner in the business.

“I love the job, the business, the clients and the staff I work with,” said Merfyn.

The Stroud based stylist goes on regular update courses to keep abreast of the latest trends, but said he doesn't have a favourite haircut.

“For me, every customer is unique, every head and face is shaped differently, so every single haircut is different and I enjoy doing each one.”

Although he is now reaching an age when many would be looking forward to hanging up their scissors, Merfyn says he loves his job and has no plans to retire.

“I’m going to keep working forever,” he said.

“I’ll work here until I drop.”

To celebrate his 30 year milestone, Merfyn is planning a meal out with his wife Jane, and Peter Hickman and his wife Sue.