Farmers' market news with Gerb Gerbrands.

Hooray, this week’s market falls on leap day February 29, what a novelty!

This happens every 28 years apparently so the next time will 2048.

I’m happy to say we’ve got a chipper market for you this weekend with fifth Saturdays always being an unexpected mix of stalls for the regulars, who will find the normal routine of who is here when temporarily confounded.

It’s Real Bread week this week - the Real Bread Campaign aims to increase the enjoyment, production and consumption of bread made with natural ingredients, appropriate fermentation and no adulterants.

A week to celebrate real bread made with just the good stuff and none of the nasty. Tip top amazing bread can be made from just three ingredients, flour, water and salt. Together with time, these ingredients are fermented into something that is good for your gut and wellbeing.

At the market we are so lucky to have three great local bakeries making a fantastic array of wonderful loaves - organic, sourdough, spelt, gluten free, ciabatta, you name it and you’ll probably find it! Salt Bakehouse, Hobbs House Bakery (some organic) and the Artisan Baker (organic) provide us with such a wide choice that we can adapt our taste buds from one week to the next, all bread being made to the highest standards with the best ingredients. Elsewhere this week you will find the new Nutrishoots stall, new season cut daffodils at Julian Harvard and Ascott Gardens and Nifty Nut Butters among the many.