A Gloucestershire librarian celebrated World Book Day by blending book covers with real people's faces.

Carol Bowe, a librarian who works for Gloucestershire County Council, scoured the shelves for suitable covers before finding volunteers who were similarly dressed who could recreate the pose.

Carol would then hold the book between the camera and the person, making it look as if the image on the cover was spilling out into real life.

Carol said: "It's a blend of a person with a book and it's to promote library stock.

"It's a quirky way of attracting people to read our books.

"It's great fun, it's quite frustrating some times because we do have fails, we don't always manage to do it.

"We're always on the look out for great book covers we can blend with a person.

"I'm very passionate about libraries I've been a librarian for a lot of years they're just great places to be.

"If you haven't been to library for a while I would encourage you to visit your local library and just have a look, rediscover it."

Carol created the images to raise awareness of Gloucestershire's libraries, and released them in time for World Book Day (Thursday).