am I alone in becoming increasingly irritated by Dale Vince's attitude towards the citizens of this part of the county? His approach of "I know what you want/need and mine is the only opinion worth consideration" is tiresome, patronizing and downright insulting.

Following the failure of his erstwhile political puppet at the last general election, Vince immediately attacks our democratically elected MP for having the temerity not to endorse his vanity project, the so-called Eco Park.

My justification of using the term vanity project is based upon the fact that Vince owns a consistently poor performing football club, playing in a stadium that is perfectly adequate for the modest following they attract (that is the stadium where he imposed his own preferred eating habits on the team's hapless followers). The past and current performance of his team does not signal promotion from the leagues of mediocrity to the sunlit uplands anytime soon.

I wonder if Vince has met with the residents of the Eastington/ Oldbury/ Westend/ Nupend/ Fromebridge area to canvas their views on the possibility of having this ludicrous development unceremoniously dumped upon them?

Should the worse happen and this vanity project goes ahead, then I assume Vince will follow his strong socialist principles, sell the Forest Green site for development, and pocket a huge amount of money.

In your Eco Park call in axed piece in last week's SN&J, Dale Vince says "I am a little beside myself". Would not the alternative idiom "I am a great deal up myself" be more appropriate perhaps ?

A. Hill