If we are all in this together perhaps a salary cap of £150,000 per annum could be a starter. £150,000 per annum, minimal expense claims, no bonus and no added pension funding will still leave employees in this pay class free from the anxiety of being able to put food on the table for their children.

Such high earners will surely have a few thousand pounds in savings albeit in tax avoidance schemes. (A little more enthusiasm by our political leaders to curb these schemes which, whilst legal, their morality may well be questioned would not come amiss. ) The pay cap could be time limited; e.g. May 1st2020 to April 30th2021 with the option of extension should the national situation warrant it.

Savings thus made could be diverted into supporting those employees in their company who otherwise could possibly find themselves destitute, hungry or even homeless. At the very least it would signal that we are all indeed in this together.

Bernice Boss