A SCHOOL in Stonehouse has issued scam warning to parents who are being targeted by email fraudsters.

Cyber criminals have been contacting families whose children have free school meals via email.

The message, which has been sent to parents and carers of pupils at the Shrubberies School, asks them to share their bank details.

The Shrubberies is a maintained special school catering for pupils with severe or profound learning disabilities, aged from two to 19.

The school has sent a message to parents and carers making them aware of the scam.

It reads: “Dear Parents, we have been made aware of a scam email that is being sent around targeting vulnerable families and we wanted to make you aware.

“This scam email states the following: ‘If your childs schools is closed and your child is entitled to free school meals; then to send your bank details to the schools and they will help with funding while the schools are closed.’

“All links are fake. Do not be fooled by this scam.”

Shrubberies School headteacher, Jane Jones said it was a disgrace that people were using the coronavirus to target vulnerable people at this difficult time.

She said: “It is disgraceful that at a time when we are all struggling and needing to pull together, some people are cynically using the situation for their own illegal gain.

“I urge all families to be wary as there will be criminals out there looking to profit from our anxiety and uncertainty.”