A MUM from Stroud has told of her unprecedented experience of being on complete lockdown while on holiday in Lanzarote.

Emma Wherlock travelled to the Spanish island with her family on March 12 for her son Callum’s 21st birthday but ended up spending five days out of seven unable to leave their villa due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Mrs Wherlock said: “My mum decided to book a family holiday to celebrate Callum turning 21 as we have been through tough times after losing my eldest son Ryan in 2017.

“Everything was just perfect when we arrived.”

After a pleasant Saturday which ended in a meal at a restaurant, things took a turn for the worst the next day.

“On the Sunday we all decided that we would go to the beach,” said Mrs Wherlock.

“This is when the nightmare started to unfold.

“It felt quite odd that there was no one out, and there was nothing open,” she said.

“We just assumed it was because it was Sunday but as we got to the beach we were then told to leave.

“There was a look of panic on the faces of all tourists, and there were rumours that the whole Island would be on lockdown by Monday.

“It felt really quite eerie.”

It was then confirmed to Mrs Wherlock on Sunday that her and her family were now on lockdown and they couldn’t leave their accommodation.

“One person could only go to the chemist and only one person was allowed to the supermarket,” said Mrs Wherlock.

“The police were patrolling and it was an on the spot fine or prison if we left the villa.

“It was a ghost town but we made the most of the sun, and tried to keep up good spirit.”

The family were then sent on a rescue flight home after their initial flight had been cancelled but when they landed they were informed their baggage had been left in Lanzarote, and they are currently still trying to retrieve their belongings.

“The whole ordeal has caused a lot of upset and stress during a time we were so looking forward to,” she said.