STROUD farmers' market will not be going ahead as usual, but a food hub has been set up instead.

Gerb Gerbrands, who runs the market, said: "It is with heavy heart that we are announcing that Stroud farmers’ market will be closed with immediate effect.

"We are delighted to be able to offer an alternative, however.

"On Saturday morning we will be operating a shop / pick up point and home delivery service from the empty shop sandwiched between Iceland and the Toy Shop in Union Street or if not in the shop then from the market square."

Pictured here is the last farmers' market before lockdown, held on Saturday.

The photos show some social distancing and one stall holder wearing a mask.

The photos were taken by Simon Pizzey (

Gerb explains how to use the Saturday Farmers’ market food hub:

The farmers’ market food hub is being set up so our regular customers are still able to access the foods they are used to getting on a Saturday.

The food hub will work through direct communication between the person ordering and the Saturday team. We will let you know when your order is ready for collection and give you a time slot for collection. For deliveries please consider asking a friend or neighbour to collect your shopping for you. If this is not possible we will put you down for delivery. We will not be doing long range deliveries.

1. Ordering. A) Please order what you would like from each stallholder. You may not get what you wanted but we will do our best. Please order by email; by messenger to Gerb. We might be able to do a few phone orders but don’t rely on that. B) to be certain of getting your order filled you may wish to contact certain stallholders direct to order and pay them direct. Please let us know on your order if you have done that.

2. Please let us know roughly what time you would like to collect on your order email. (please also see if one person can collect for several at once etc)

3. We will contact you on Saturday to let you know what your order consists of and how much it costs

4. We will give you a time slot for collection

5. Please have cash ready in an envelope to pay for your order or you may use our card reader machine.

6. Please don’t bulk buy. We will be doing this every week until the market re opens.

7. Please bear with us. By next week things will be more organised

Please note some producers have decided to mothball production until markets re start; Pippin Doughnuts, the Olive Stall, Baked By Beth, Katie Crunch and Salt Bakehouse. Some producers are not ready to join the scheme this week but will be next week; Frocester Fayre, Gould’s Cheddar, Funky Falafel, Hetty’s Kitchen, Artisan Ales, The Garlic Farm. There are others we have not heard from.

List of producers for Saturday 25th March food hub at the Cornhill

Adeys Farm Organic – Offering their normal range of Meat

Coleshill Organics – veg boxes of several sizes. This week £10 and £20 (more size choice next week)

Days Cottage –selection of juices and bottled cider

Godsells – leonard Stanley cheddasr, double Gloucester, single Gloucester, holy smoked, three virgins (cheshire style), cockadilly chilli, singing granny; all at £3-4 per block

Hinton Marsh – meat packs various prices

Hobbs House – 4 best selling lines, individually wrapped

Hortons’ Bees and Honey – Selection of honey £5.50 per jar

Julian Harvard – cut daffodil bunches

Madgetts – chickens £10, Sausages £5, Chicken thighs £5 per pack

Newark Farm Organic – red and white potatoes, carrots, leeks, celeriac, purple sprouting, beetroot, fennel, spring greens, eggs

Nifty Nut Butter– selection of flavours

Nutrishoots – pea shoots, mixed bag shoots, sunflower shoots

Overton Organic Eggs – Pre boxed eggs

Plenty! – Selection of their usual Pies

Raclette – Offering Over Ready Raclette (£6) and Tartaflette (£6 small £8 Large)

Simon Weaver Organic – range of Brie and other cheeses

Stroud Brewery – Budding 500ml, Tom Long 500ml only

Studio Pastry – Meat or Vegetable Pasties

Styan Family Produce – Veg Boxes; 1 person box £6, larger box £12

The Artisan Baker – Organic Large overnight white £3.50 / small £2.50 Organic Stoneground wholemeal large £3.50 / small £2.50 Organic 100% Rye £3.00 Biodynamic Stoneground wholemeal £5.00 Organic Nelson loaf £4.50 Organic Large sourdough £5.00 / small £3.00 Organic Ciabatta £2.50 Organic Painswick Sourdough £3.50 Organic Walnut £5.00

The Cotswold Curer – Offering normal range

The Billowing Loaf – Overnight white tin £2.50, Severn Seed tin loaf £3, Gloucester sourdough / Wholemeal sourdough £3

The Stowe Herd – sausages and bacon only

Tuga Pastries – Portuguese Pastries

Village Maid Cheese – Normal selection of cheese from £5 - £10

Windmill Nurseries – Jams, Marmalades, Cakes

The Welsh Cake Lady – 2 varieties (fruit and one other) in packs of 6