Construction work on the Five Valleys Shopping Centre in Stroud will come to a halt at the end of this week.

Amanda Holmes, from Dransfield Properties, which is developing the new-look shopping centre said: "We have been liaising closely with Speller Metcalfe our contractors at Five Valleys throughout this week and they have made the decision that the correct course of action is to suspend all site operations at this time.

"This is being done in a safe and orderly manner and work will be temporarily suspended by the end of this week at the latest, we will then await further guidance from the Government that it’s safe to resume work."

After announcing a nationwide lockdown on Monday night, Prime Minister Boris Johnson said that people should only travel to work where absolutely necessary, and where work cannot be done from home.

A lack of clarity has resulted in much confusion in the construction industry with many workers being told to continue to commute, despite many being unable to comply with the Government's social distancing measures due to the sheer amount of workers on many of the sites.