Open your doors at 8pm tonight and Clap for our Carers.  Families across the region are being urged to join tonight's Clap for our Carers iniative.

A post has gone viral on social media with the hashtag: #clapforourcarers.

The concept is simply to open your front door or window at 8pm and give a big round of applause for all workers on the front-line.

The post says:

“During these unprecedented times they need to know we are grateful. Please join us Thursday March 26, at 8pm for a big applause from front doors, gardens, balcony, windows, living rooms etc, to show all nurses: doctors: GPs and Carers our appreciation for their ongoing hard work and fight against this virus”

The 'Clap for our Carers' is to recognise the work of all members of the NHS as well as other service providers working on the front-line to protect the most vulnerable members of society.

Emma Jodrell, manager of Chipping Sodbury Homecare provider, Seraphim said:

“I’m so proud of the team at Seraphim Home Care and of all the other home care providers. It was a struggle at first with the unknown, but our team have really stepped up. The work continues to be outstanding. The support for each other and our service users has been amazing.

“The team have gone above and beyond at this horrid time and I am truly grateful for the continued hard work and dedication from them and from all the other front-line workers in our country. I will be clapping for our carers”

Will you be joining in tonight? Please email your photos of you and from a safe social distance, your community clapping for carers.