The Stroud MP's weekly column.

Individuals, communities, schools and businesses continue to work together to support each other and our health workers. Nationally 20,000 doctors, nurses and clinicians are returning to the NHS. Over 22,000 final year medics have joined up. Nearly 600,000 people have applied to be volunteers. Our armed forces are building Nightingale hospitals at great pace too.

Local businesses who can keep working under the expert medical and scientific guidelines are adapting to support their employees and generally finding ways to help the effort too.

I saw the Gloucestershire Fire and Rescue service praising Slimbridge’s Rocket Rentals for supplying a vehicle free of charge.

Renishaw is teaming up with Airbus, Rolls-Royce and McLaren amongst other leading names to meet the government’s ventilator challenge. As explained by the Chief Medical Officer, there is a global shortage of equipment. Our local expertise and passion for helping others is therefore proving crucial to tackling these unprecedented circumstances. I cannot thank everybody enough.

A few people have contacted me about obtaining tests for coronavirus. Please do not contact your GP or hospitals asking for tests.The number of tests that are carried out each day is increasing with an aim to get to 25,000 every day. The priority will continue to be to test patients in critical care or being admitted to hospitals for pneumonia, acute respiratory distress syndrome or flu-like illness. Front-line health workers will also be prioritised.

Experts have advised it is not necessary to test everyone in the country. This may be disappointing to some, but I hope you understand why the priorities are set as they are.

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