Unseen enemy

COVID-19 is a microscopic and virulent unseen enemy capable of constantly and indiscriminately attacking the entire human species wherever the opportunity occurs.

Ms G Millar’s letter (March 26) in summary, stated ‘it is only the elderly with pre-existing conditions who need to self-isolate’.

How wrong was that statement!!

Mrs E Smith’s letter (March 26) Whilst making some very good points on the possible adverse health and economic effects of government measures to counter the spread of the virus; then posited that ‘another quarter to half million deaths is the likely order of events’

How acceptable is that statistic?

Especially to the bereaved!

Mrs J Rose’s letter (April 2) Attacking these views, was in the main, far more balanced and she clearly felt as do I - that this worldwide health crisis which daily claims tens of thousands of lives of those of all ages; clearly requires that we should trust the combined views of hundreds of thousands of scientists, epidemiologists and health experts and self-isolate to limit the virus spread to save lives.

Following this advice seems to be the best way forward to me!

Dr R House letter then entered the debate under the heading ‘Orwellian’ with a defence of the right of all views to be heard.

I am sure that no-one would argue otherwise, but do those views have merit.

If the axiom that, ‘the first casualty of war is truth’ holds fast, then surely ‘the second casualty of war is personal freedom’ and it therefore follows that ‘the greater good’ must come before self.

There are those few selfish individuals who continue to assert that their rights supplant those of the entire communities in which they reside.

Surely it is only right and fair that in such cases that arrogance should be brought to task and they be shown the error of their ways.

The current additional powers democratically given by Parliament to the Government to take the necessary measures in a speedy manner to combat Covid-19 on the best available professional advice are not ‘Orwellian’ they are to be used only upon scientific advice and are subject to Parliamentary oversight and accountability (and only for the duration of the epidemic).

So please follow all the advice.

K Woosnam