A drive-through mobile testing unit for coronavirus is being set up in Gloucestershire.

It will be running for five days, from tomorrow, May 7 until Monday May 11 inclusive, and will be based at Oxstalls Tennis Centre in Gloucester.

People with symptoms who are key workers or over-65s can attend the site, which is run by the Department for Health and Social Care (DHSC), to be tested.

Anyone with symptoms who is in the key groups listed can log onto the website and register via the self-referral portal.

If they meet the criteria, they will be issued with a unique code and will be able to select the Gloucester location, as long as appointments are available.

The nearest alternative sites currently available are at Bristol Airport and Worcester Rugby Club, so a case has been made to the DHSC to try the mobile unit to enable more Gloucestershire residents to access testing.

The unit will help to establish if people with symptoms have the virus, to determine whether they can return to work or need further advice and support.

People who cannot drive to the site can order a home testing kit but supplies are limited. There is also some capacity for frontline health and social care staff to be tested as part of the local NHS testing centre in Brockworth, but this must be booked through employers.

The mobile testing unit will be put up and disassembled daily by the military.

Gloucestershire County Council and Police have worked together to ensure that signage, entrance and exits and traffic flow are managed and there will be a team on site to ensure it runs smoothly.

The full list of who is eligible to attend is here: bit.ly/35CVG12