YOUNG people are being invited to take part in a series of online activities aimed at developing a sense of wellbeing in the community.

Youth Voices Week Online is taking place on Facebook and Instagram, from Wednesday, May 27 to Friday, May 29.

The sessions have been organised by Earth Protector Communities, a charity inspired by the visionary work of crusading lawyer and environmentalist Polly Higgins, who died last year.

A charity spokeswoman said: "Youth Voices Week has been organised to engage young people in positive action that encourages a sense of wellbeing in the community, in challenging times, when young people have so many big issues to contend with.

"There will be a series of interviews with young people, music, poetry and performances to enjoy, including a film short from the Flies On The Wall Youth Theatre group, and an interview and virtual performance by the Birmingham-based group, Highbreed, whose songs are futuristic and mindful of Earth care.

"And tomorrow (Friday), we will be interviewing Stroud photographer Ruth Davy whose organisation, Look Now, runs regular events to support wellbeing through photography."

Earth Protector Communities (EPC) is a sister organisation to the Stop Ecocide campaign group, which is fighting to make ecocide, the destruction of the natural environment, an international crime.

A spokeswoman for the EPC said: "We aim to inspire local regenerative responses to the current ecological crisis and are working with a growing local and global number of community groups, including businesses, schools, health and inter-faith groups to protect our land, soil, water and wildlife; and the wellbeing of all through this means.

"We endorse the work of Stop Ecocide but encourage a ground-level up perspective, looking through a lens of ‘first do no harm’ to address the systemic changes which are needed."

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