A SERIES of dinosaur rock pictures created in a Stroud quarry during lockdown has continued to grow as more and more people have added to it.

Initially the Booker family made an impressive array of dinosaur designs, using loose rocks on their daily walks in Selsley during the coronavirus lockdown.

Dad James, mum Emily and children Thomas and Olivia Booker produced the gallery as a thank you to health workers who helped the family deal with Thomas' epilepsy.

A T-Rex, a Triceratops and a Velociraptor are among the designs laid out by the Bookers in the disused quarry.

James, 42, said: "It's something to give back for all the care and generosity Thomas had.

"The nurses that he had in hospital were fantastic - they bent over backwards to make sure he was never bored.

"We went to the quarry and just started building structures out of rocks.

"I was with the kids and did an outline of Thomas. He wanted to be holding some sticks, or a bow and arrow.

"I said: 'What about a Velociraptor chasing you?'. So I spent a couple of trips up doing that and refining it, and it grew from there."

Since then, many other designs have been added by the Bookers and other families out walking and 'Dinosaur Valley' has become a fascinating gallery of dinosaur themed creativity during lockdown.

Photographs by Simon Pizzey