STROUD Police have been out and about today, checking up on reports of groups gathering in the Miles Marling Field, Forest Green.

They said in a tweet: "Due to increased reports of groups gathering in the Miles Marling Field, Forest Green in Nailsworth, PC Tucker has been out patrolling the area this morning.

"I am glad to report that there were no large groups, and social distancing guidelines were being followed."

They also paid a visit to Woodchester Park, following reports of people using the park whilst it is closed.

They found no vehicles or people in the vicinity this morning.

Officers have issued a reminder to residents, asking them to stay alert and remember lockdown restrictions are still in place.

What are the new rules?

Friends and relatives:

You can meet one other person from another household, outdoors. The government scientific advice is that you remain 2m (6ft) apart.

You can't visit friends or relatives in their houses or indoors. Nor can you gather in a larger group with people who are not from your household (apart from a few exceptions, such as funerals). Higher fines will be imposed for anyone who breaks these rules.

Fresh air and exercise:

There is no longer any limit to the amount of exercise, or "open-air recreation" (such as sunbathing) you can do outside in England.

You can sunbathe or sit down in public spaces, and are allowed to have picnics, and “enjoy the fresh air”, as long as you continue to abide by social-distancing guidelines and remain at least two metres apart from people outside of your household.

You can play outdoor sports such as golf or tennis with members of your household or with one other person from another household (while maintaining social distance).

Households can also drive any distance in England to destinations such as parks and beaches. But you should not travel to Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland.

The government’s slogan “Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives” has been replaced with: “Stay Alert, Control the Virus, Save Lives”.