Hundreds of people gathered in the centre of Stroud today as part of a Black Lives Matter protest.

Demonstrators gathered outside the Sub Rooms, as they have in towns and cities across the world, in protest of the murder of George Floyd.

People knelt on the ground for eight minutes and 46 seconds, the same length of time Minneapolis officer Derek Chauvin held his knee to Mr Floyd's neck.

Stroud News and Journal:

A list of black men and women who had been murdered was also read out.

Dozens held placards with slogans such as 'Silence is compliance' and 'The UK is not innocent'.

This was the fourth protest in Stroud in as many days.

The vast majority of those in attendance were wearing masks, while social distancing was encouraged through chalk markings on the ground.

Speaking to the crowd organiser Polly Stratton said: “It is so easy to do nothing we are in such a privileged position.

“We need to stop thinking it’s enough to just not be racist. It’s just not enough.

“We need to actively call our racism when he see it.”