PEOPLE leaving donations outside charity shops are considered to be fly tipping and could be fined.

This picture of a charity shop on George Street in Stroud was posted on Twitter by Jane Mann, who said she was concerned that the accumulated bags could become 'a health hazard'.

Although charity shops were able to resume trading on June 15, not all have reopened, and some are not accepting donations at this time.

Stroud District Council is now urging people to only take their items to shops which are open and accepting donations.

They have posted the following advice online:

Please don't leave items outside charity shops.

❌ It's not fair on the shop workers

❌ Dumping items is fly tipping

❌ Fly tippers will be fined if caught

❌ Your items will be cleared away and not recycled.

Please give them to a charity shop that is open or keep hold of them.