GLOUCESTERSHIRE is in the lower regions of a new Covid-19 cases list being used by the government to determine whether to introduce local lockdowns.

Published by Public Health England, the figures show the rate of new cases in each area, based on tests that have been carried out in laboratories and in the wider community.

The latest Public Health England figures show Gloucestershire had, during the week ending June 21, an infection rate of 0.6 cases per 100,000 people.

In comparison Leicester had the highest infection rate in the UK with 135 cases per 100,000 people during that week.

Elsewhere, during that week, Warwickshire had 10.3, Birmingham had 9.6, Worcestershire had 5.7 and Herefordshire had 2.1.

Yesterday Gloucestershire County Council was forced to respond to reports there had been five new cases in a day.

Gloucestershire County Council confirmed this information was incorrect, stressing it did not accurately reflect the current situation in the county.

Gloucestershire County Council stated: "There is no spike in covid-19 cases in the county.

"It shows the number of cases in the county but not when they were detected.

"These are historical cases that happened to be added to the total yesterday (Tuesday)."

National reports suggest more local lockdowns could be a few days away after Leicester went into lockdown this week. The table would suggest Bradford on 69.44 and Barnsley on 54.65 will be the areas currently causing most concern.