Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie today welcomed the Chancellor’s £30 billion Covid economic recovery package, saying it will save and create jobs across Stroud and help the most vulnerable.

Ms Baillie said Rishi Sunak’s Summer Statement showed the Government has been creative and focused as a raft of measures to protect businesses, jobs and boost demand were announced.

These include a new Job Retention Bonus for firms bringing furloughed employees back to work, new green initiatives and measures to help young people find employment and skills.

“Many of these innovative initiatives will directly help people in Stroud, the Valleys and Vale to keep their jobs, find jobs and gain confidence in the future," said Ms Baillie.

"I think it shows this government really has the country’s back and it's keen to do everything it can to help the vulnerable and those most hit by this crisis.

“I am particularly pleased to see the temporary VAT reduction to just 5% on food, accommodation and attractions because this will do much to help the important tourism and hospitality industries in Stroud.

“Another key and very welcome move is £2 billion of measures to help 16 to 24-year-olds - who have been economically hard hit by the virus - secure jobs through the government paying business to take on young people and offer more apprenticeships.

“The country faces challenging times ahead and these creative and very focused announcements will do much to address those challenges, keep people in work, stimulate demand and protect enterprises and sectors hard hit by coronavirus from going out of business.”

She said the Chancellor's Job Retention Bonus, which will give every company £1000, for each employee it brings back from furlough and a £2 billion Green Homes Grant to make homes more energy efficient showed how wide-ranging the measures were.

Other green initiatives include £40 million to plant trees, clean up rivers and create new green spaces and £1 billion to make public buildings more energy efficient.

Another scheme announced by the Chancellor is a temporary change, until March 31 next year, to stamp duty by raising the threshold to £500,000 to ensure the housing market keeps moving and boost the construction industry.

The Eat Out to Help Out 50% discount scheme in August on meals up to £10 per head for adults and children from Monday to Wednesday is a further boost to the hospitality sector, Ms Baillie added.