Column by the leader of Stroud District Council, Doina Cornell.

Stroud District Council has been working flat out for the last three months, not only doing the day job as many services have kept on running in one way or another throughout, but on top of that playing its part in responding to the new challenges we’ve all faced through the global pandemic. There is weariness, but there is also hope, and positivity, that we can continue to play a part in meeting whatever challenges lie ahead. The recovery from this terrible crisis will be key to that.

One challenge the council is determined to face up to is the predicted economic impact of the pandemic and supporting local people and businesses who are being affected. The Gloucestershire Joint Economic Growth Committee met on 28th July to share all the work being done across the county on supporting recovery from the crisis. Stroud District Council has identified four key workstreams to shape its own recovery: community, housing, environment and economy, and will be engaging with communities around what priorities should be.

The council continues with its new build programme of affordable housing, and undertaking repairs and maintenance to existing council homes. Investing in energy efficiency measures to bring people out of fuel poverty is another key priority. The economy theme continues through the week as I’ll be getting an update on the latest developments at the Five Valleys centre.

This last week saw a limited reopening of Stratford Park Leisure Centre and The Pulse in Dursley. Both centres will be complying with strict safety measures on social distancing and regular cleaning will be maintained. Find out more for The Pulse at and Stratford Park at