A WOMAN from Minchinhampton has thanked the community after almost £500 has been raised for her cat which was hit by a car on Saturday.

Vikki's three-year-old cat Ronald was hit by a car on August 1, resulting in complex fractures to his pelvis.

Ronald's legs have also been severely damaged and his sciatic nerve is trapped under the damaged bone.

After initially being taken to Clockhouse Vets, Ronald was transferred to Bristol as he now needs specialist treatment to save his life.

Vikki said: "The vehicle that hit Ronald didn’t see him and they were very good and they took him straight to the vets."

£465 has been raised so far for Ronald's treatment.

Vikki said her pet insurance covers up to £4,000 but they need an extra £1,500 as Ronald's treatment is going to cost around £5,500 due to the severity of his injuries.

Vikki thanked those who have donated so far.

"Family and friends have donated money for Ronald, as well as people who know him from Minchinhampton because he’s quite well known around our area.

"People I don’t even know have donated as well which is really lovely, it’s a nice community in Minch and I think people want to help which is great."

To donate, visit bit.ly/2PqMGF8