Stroud High School is celebrating another set of positive results following an unprecedented academic year.

Headteacher Mark McShane said: "This has been the most extraordinary year. The unprecedented cancellation of exams has created levels of uncertainty and speculation which has at times, run the risk of overshadowing the achievements of young people.

"I am so proud of how the students and staff have managed the implications of the pandemic. The students at Stroud High School have completed the A-Level curriculum to the very highest of standards.

"Their levels of intellectual development and personal growth have been exceptional and I am confident many of them will go on and take leading roles in their community. I am delighted that in the vast majority of cases they have been able to access the full breadth of University courses. They have been a credit to the school.

"It has not been a usual exam results day, but I am pleased we have seen many of our students today as they finish their time with us. Our socially distanced procedures simply illustrated the unique nature of this academic year. As ever, my thanks goes to our whole team of staff who work tirelessly to provide the best educational experience possible who, along with the students, make the school such a vibrant community."

Student Charlotte Orsler, who got four A*s in maths, further maths, chemistry and Physics, said: "It's a big relief. I have been telling all of the customers at Waitrose where I work that it is nerve wracking. I am going to Warwick University to study Maths. I'm going to miss everybody at Stroud High."

Ellen Cormack achieved three A*s. She said: "I am off to study International Development and French at the University of Sussex. It was a shame not to do the exam but I am really happy with the grades."

Laura Clapham got two A*s and two As and is heading to Cambridge to study Engineering.

She said:"It's been different and weird not doing exams but I am pleased with how I have done. I really enjoyed my time in the Sixth Form even though it has had the strangest ending."