A STROUD photographer’s stunning photographs of some of the nation’s most spiritually important places have helped a new book surge up the Amazon Best Sellers list.

Marcus Green has had nearly 100 of his photos published in a new guidebook called Britain’s Pilgrim Places written by Dr Nick Mayhew Smith and Guy Hayward.

The book which lists over 600 spiritually important places throughout the UK including Gloucester Cathedral, Tewkesbury Abbey and Bisley Wells has become an Amazon Best Seller, reaching 28 in the list of all book sales in the UK and was one of Hive’s top 10 best sellers in August.

Marcus got involved after being contacted by Nick, who had seen his photographs of cathedrals.

Marcus said: “In 2019 I was travelling a lot throughout the UK and visited every Anglican and Catholic Cathedral in England and Wales, starting with Gloucester and photographed what I found. I was then asked to do blog posts for the Association of English Cathedrals talking about my experiences which is where Nick found my work and asked if I’d come on board.

“By coincidence I’d already got a couple of Nick’s other books so to work with someone whose publications I already knew was a real privilege.

“Even after visiting all those cathedrals my favourite remains Gloucester which has so much to offer from royal burials, to glorious cloisters and a wonderful setting, it will always be one of the greatest cathedrals anywhere to me.

“To visit everywhere in a year, from Newcastle to Truro and from Carlisle to Canterbury sometimes involved leaving Stroud at 4am or 5am and on one occasion I visited seven cathedrals in a day. The project was just for fun but to now have some of the pictures published in a bestseller is an unexpected bonus.”

Britain's Pilgrim Places: The first complete guide to every spiritual treasure by Nick Mayhew-Smith and Guy Hayward can be ordered from Stroud Bookshop.

All profits from the book will go to the charity The British Pilgrimage Trust which supported the publication.