I was delighted to read your story ("Bus shelters get an art makeover", SNJ 9 September) about the decoration of bus stops in Brimscombe and Thrupp.

Bus travel has been in decline for many years. But we must find ways to reverse this trend if we are to stand any chance of reducing the number of cars on our roads and carbon emissions from road transport.

We need more bus routes in and around Stroud, better services, and better information and facilities for bus travellers.

Perhaps we could start with Merrywalks in Stroud. The bus stops and shelters need a make-over. And electronic displays of bus arrival and departures would be a great benefit. They would tell bus travellers when to expect their bus; and make everyone more aware of the bus services in our area.

Real-time displays of this sort are normal in many other places, but there are none at all in Stroud District. It is time to catch up!

Yours faithfully

Peter Carter