Stroud's MP Siobhan Baillie has warned Facebook users that they will be banned from her page if they write abusive comments.

Ms Baillie also told constituents that she can't discuss policy through her Facebook page.

In a post on her page, Ms Baillie said: "Please take a moment to read this through just so we’re clear on what the page is and, what it isn’t!

"Posts here are not where you and I can realistically talk about policy. Neither is Facebook where I can give you the support you need if you need my help.

"For that, write to me at or call 01453 75748. This way I can provide you with the very best service and comply with data protection.

"Please note: I don’t reply to comments on my page for the simple reason that, if I did, I would get nothing else done. That doesn’t mean I don’t take an interest in what’s said here; if I represent you, I care about what you think.

"Last point. If comments are abusive they won’t stay up. Trolls will be banned. Can’t say fairer than that."