STROUD Goodwill Evening will be taking place this year.

There had been doubts about whether the event would go ahead due to Covid-19.

It will take place on Friday, December 4.

A post on the Stroud Goodwill Evening Facebook page said:"We are pleased to announce that Stroud Goodwill Evening will be happening in 2020! It will be on Friday December 4.

"It may not be quite the same as usual but we are gonna do the best we can."

Gerb Gerbrands, who one of the organisers of the event, said: "Shops and markets will be open as usual but there will be no gathering at the Sub Rooms and the lantern procession will be a lantern trail/exhibition.

"We are still finalising our plans but we are determined not to cancel."

A full news release on the event will be released tomorrow.