When Liz Bruksgard bought an old cottage in Rodborough - the last thing she expected was to be having frequent conversations with a spirit.

Liz, who lives with her partner, says that her house is home to an ethereal being, and that she doesn't mind the experience.

Soon after she moved into the Butterrow cottage five years ago, she says she often sees a girl on the stairs in a Victorian dress.

She said: "A year ago we pulled the old kitchen out and my friend's husband put a new one in.

"One of his lads was bending over to pick something up when he felt someone smack his raised foot from underneath and knock him over."

"One night, by the old front door to my cottage which is now the lounge door, we heard three really loud knocks but we were both too scared to look.

"The outer front door was locked and the security light did not come on, neither did the dog react to the gate being opened, which she always does.

"Sometimes we get up and the spare room light is on in the lounge.

"That happens a lot and it’s not dodgy electrics, because my brother who is an electrician did some checks when we moved here."

Liz says she has even started talking to the spirit.

"I’ve taken to speaking to it to reassure it that we are only making things nicer not destroying anything," she said.

Despite the seemingly frightening ordeal, Liz says she loves where she lives.

"I know it all sounds terrifying but it’s not. I feel so at home here, it’s not a scary atmosphere at all."