HERE is a round-up of the most important planning applications put forward in the Stroud District this week.

All of the applications can be viewed via the planning section of Stroud District Council’s website.

Additional storey to existing bungalow. At April Rise, Brimscombe Lane, Brimscombe

Ref. No: S.20/2213/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision

One large oak, reduction on house side by three metres to bring away from the house, few other branches to be removed to balance out the tree. Second large oak, reduction on house side by 2 metres to bring away from the house. At Mill Pool House, Ticklestone Lane, Painswick

Ref. No: S.20/2215/TPO

Status: Awaiting decision

Conversion of existing redundant stable block to form new dwelling. At stable at Middle Hill, Chalford Hill

Ref. No: S.20/2212/FUL

Status: Awaiting decision

Replace existing lean-to with single storey extension. At Highfield House, Gloucester Street, Painswick

Ref. No: S.20/2208/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision

Single storey rear extension & front porch. At 29 Well Hill, Minchinhampton

Ref. No: S.20/2203/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of a temporary log cabin for sales & display purposes only (retrospective). At Highfield Garden World, Bristol Road, Whitminster

Ref. No: S.20/2202/FUL | Received: Thu 15 Oct 2020 | Validated: Wed 21 Oct 2020 | Status: Awaiting decision

One yew tree - reduce to leave approximately 6ft tall, retaining all lower growth for future shaping. Five other yew trees - trimming of the shaped yews. At St Johns Church, Sheepscombe

Ref. No: S.20/2180/TCA

Status: Awaiting decision

Demolition of lean to, construct new 2 storey side extension. Alteration to porch to provide new WC/lobby. At 28 Baylands, Newtown, Berkeley

Ref. No: S.20/2193/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision

Retrospective application to apply oak cladding to the front of the property. At Mulberry Cottage, The Green, Frampton On Severn

Ref. No: S.20/2138/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of a single storey side extension to an existing outbuilding to create annexe. At 80 Woodcock Lane, Stonehouse

Ref. No: S.20/2135/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision

Creation of a 3 bed dwelling on land between 15 and 16 Upper Washwell, Painswick

Ref. No: S.20/2104/FUL

Status: Awaiting decision

Erection of a two bedroom dwelling house on land adjoining The Hams, London Road, Brimscombe

Ref. No: S.20/2046/FUL

Status: Awaiting decision

Conversion of existing workshop to habitable & upgrading existing utility. At 21 West End, Minchinhampton

Ref. No: S.20/2005/HHOLD

Status: Awaiting decision