The first 5G mast is planning to be erected in Stroud in Cashes Green. The mast will replace the current one outside the pub and will be much taller and uglier. If the application were to be successful, it will not only be a problem for Cashes Green community but it will also open up the possibility for many more masts to be installed, spreading in and around Stroud District.

It certainly is known that birds and bees are suffering through the emission of radiations. Also, an increasing number of people - already triggered by 2, 3, and 4G technology - suffer from Electromagnetic Hypersensitivity which can affect sensitive people physically, emotionally, and neurologically. Do any of us really want radiations coming through bricks day in day out?

We are currently constantly told that we need to keep ourselves and each other 'safe' (from Corona Virus) through all sorts of restrictions. So, why don't we apply the same thinking to modern technology like 5G - how do we know that it is safe? There simply is not enough research that it is so. How can we possibly think that this technology could be implemented experimenting on us without debate? Should we not have a say in what is installed in and outside our houses and what radiations we consider acceptable?

There is some hope as there are two QCs challenging local governments at the London Courts, putting pressure on the issue of human rights in regard to refusal of such applications. The right to say no to an intrusive and potentially dangerous technology goes hand in hand with the right to health, in my view.

I encourage all readers to inform themselves (application S.20/2030/TEL) and express their view and concerns through your pages, as well as directly via the District Council website: we only have time until the 6th November to oppose the Planning Application.

John Marjoram Stroud District Councillor