As Halloween approaches there’s no doubt many of you are on the lookout for some spooky destinations to set your teeth on edge. So we have put together a short list of some of the best places with ghost stories to fuel your fears.

  • Ancient Ram Inn: Potters Pond, Wotton-under-Edge - with four stars overall and 35 excellent reviews.

“As one of the most haunted locations around I would personally recommend the ram inn to anyone who is into the paranormal.” Wrote Sunnyside33. “The house is full of history and is interesting to look around, the evening was interesting with some action occurring do not go here if you have a weak heart as it is very unnerving at times.”

  • Woodchester Mansion: Woodchester Mansion Woodchester Park, Stonehouse - with 4.5 stars overall and 247 excellent reviews.

“This is a very beautiful and tranquil spot, a half finished manor house with beautiful woodland and a series of lakes.” Wrote Teh00. “Perfect for walks, architectural exploration and ghost hunting.”

  • Bill Spectre's Burford Ghost Trail: Burford - with five stars overall and 18 excellent reviews.

“Bill had us all completely enthralled in his stories on the walking tour.” Wrote Lizzie B. “I had no idea that the sweet picturesque little village of Burford was home to so many ghostly tales. I couldn't recommend this tour enough!”

  • Newark Park: Ozleworth - with 4.5 stars overall and 187 excellent reviews.

“We had never heard of this place and found a stunning house with awesome views.” Wrote Alex O. “Incredible history complete with ghost stories, peacocks, hidden Tudor hunting lodge and a croquet lawn! Very knowledgable staff too. An excellent place for a visit.”

  • Bloody Bourton Walking Tour: Bourton-on-the-Water - with five stars overall and 150 excellent reviews.

“We enjoyed this tour, lots of ‘did you know’ moments.” Wrote Tuahid B. “The tour guide looked the part and had a lot of great stories. Have you seen the local ghost giraffe? We have.”

  • Sudeley Castle: Winchcombe - with 4.5 stars overall and over 1,000 excellent reviews.

“This is a bewitching place and there’s the ghosts.” Wrote Catananche. “The guest list of historical stars who have lived at or visited Sudeley over the centuries, including Richard III, Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn, Thomas Seymour, Lady Jane Grey, Elizabeth I and Charles I. Walking through the knot garden or descending a Tudor staircase, their presence is almost palpable.”

  • Berkeley Castle: Canonbury Street, Berkeley - with 4.5 stars overall and 578 excellent reviews.

“The castle is set upon an ancient Mot & Baily hillfort and has been extended by each generation since.” Wrote hjtwsm. “The castle also boasts a dungeon & a ghost.”

  • Chavenage House: Tetbury - with five stars overall and 410 excellent reviews.

“Chavenage House is a beautiful listed HHA property near Tetbury and is steeped in very rich history.” Wrote wrightjw1. “From chilling ghosts to appearing in hit series Poldark, it has it all.”