Stroud District Council are asking for views on how they should respond to climate change.

The council is aiming for the whole district to be carbon neutral by 2030 and is now asking for feedback on their 2030 Strategy.

“This is an opportunity to make an impact,” said the council's environment committee chair, Simon Pickering.

“We must act now or climate change will severely adversely affect our lives and those of future generations.

“This is a great chance to have your say on how you think we can all address climate change positively. We want to hear your views.”

The 2030 Strategy has seven themes - built environment, natural environment, energy, mobility, economy, waste, and community - plus 65 commitments, and 26 targets over the course of 10 years.

The strategy sets out the 2030 questions for each of the seven themes and identifies the first next steps.

“We as a council can do much more but the whole community can do much, much more,” said council leader Doina Cornell.

“We really want to hear the views of as many people who live or work in the district as possible. The council is an exemplar, and encourager and an enabler – we can’t do this on our own.”

The consultation is running until December 16 and a number of events are planned. Some events are by invitation only but most are open for registrations by anyone.

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Consultation event dates:

Tuesday, November 3: 2pm – 4pm. Public Sector Organisations: for those working in public sector organisations which cover or border the Stroud district.

Wednesday, November 4: 4.30pm-6.30pm Community, Youth & Education: welcoming anyone of any age but particularly those working to actively engage their communities in social and educational issues around the district.

Tuesday, November 10: 4pm-6pm Town & Parish Councils: nominated members of the Councils covering the Stroud District - restricted to one representative only.

Tuesday, November 10: 10am – 12noon Open Event: open to whose living, working, studying or have an interest in the Stroud District.

Thursday, November 12: 6pm – 8pm Climate Action Groups: this event will be of interest to those working on climate, ecological and sustainable development issues in a voluntary or paid capacity.

Wednesday, November 18: 8:30am – 10.30am Business & Agriculture: broadly aimed at those with a commercial interest in 2030 Strategy, this event does not have a particular sectorial focus but discussions may have more of an economic development slant.

Thursday, November 19: 6pm – 8pm Open Event: open to whose living, working, studying or have an interest in the Stroud District.