MP Siobhan Baillie said she has received an assurance from the Prime Minister today that Coronavirus tier 1 Stroud will come out of national lockdown in December.

Speaking in the Commons' Covid-19 debate, Ms Baillie asked Boris Johnson: “I have been in Stroud on the ground witnessing the superb local response from our NHS and from businesses working to get covid safe, Slimbridge Swans FC going up in their league and shops opening on our high streets, but now the Government are telling us to park that and hibernate.

“Can he speak directly to my tier 1 Stroud communities and convince them that their efforts have not been wasted and that all those covid-safe businesses and organisations will be out of lockdown in December or sooner if we can provide evidence to show that?"

In reply Mr Johnson said: “Yes, of course, because it is thanks to the efforts of her constituents in Stroud that the R is not very far above 1 right now. If we all follow the package of measures that I have outlined today and we all stay at home in the way that I have described, we will be able to open up again on 2 December.”

Speaking afterwards Ms Baillie added: “The Prime Minister has undertaken this course of action to save lives and prevent the NHS being overwhelmed nationally but equally, in Stroud, infection rates are low.

“Local people need to know we will not be in a national lockdown for a moment longer than necessary. They want to safely get on with their lives and I am pleased the PM has recognised the good job Stroud has done."