A GROUP of concerned Stroud parents are getting together to 'form a presence' on the routes children walk to and from school, after an incident on Tuesday afternoon.

Parents have reported that on Tuesday evening, a bald man followed a group of year 7 Thomas Keble School pupils from the bus stop at Bowbridge and up the hill towards Highfield Road and Spider Lane.

Another bus then stopped at the same bus stop and four pupils from St Peter's School got off, who were then chased by a potentially armed man.

A woman in a car drove past and scared the man off.

Mum Chrissie Lowery, whose children were on the same bus as the first group that were followed on Tuesday, is helping to organise a rota of people to watch over pupils as they head to and from school.

She said: "My kids were on the same bus as the first group that were followed on Tuesday, and were headed in the same direction.

"Lots of children are really frightened and we want them to know we are there.

"Now some parents and adults have got together to form a presence around the top of town, Horns Road, Brick Row, Thrupp and Bowbridge areas, just to be a presence to help the kids to feel safe.

"I have phone all the schools to let them know what we are doing, and we want parents and kids to know that we are doing this too.

"I am organising a rota for the next few weeks, but we need more adults, especially in the mornings."

If you can help call Chrissie on 07891162140.

Gloucestershire County Council has alerted schools in the area about the incident.

Charlotte Jones, acting director of education at Gloucestershire County Council said: “We are concerned to hear about these reports, and are confident that Gloucestershire Police will treat them with the seriousness they deserve.

“The county council has alerted schools so that they can reiterate stranger danger warnings to pupils and consider if they need to take any additional actions which are specifically relevant to their pupils.”

Gloucestershire Constabulary have been approached for comment.

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