Is the Lockdown Legal?

The lockdown has trashed millions of livelihoods,

kiboshed religious and cultural life, kept people away

from those they love and who need them, caused mental anguish and suicide, deaths from untreated cancer and heart conditions. All in the name of a virus which the Chinese said was not virulent but infectious, and which on March 19th was downgraded by WHO to the status of winter flu - four days before we were locked down!

Our right of free speech and assembly, enshrined in Common Law since the signing of the Magna Carta, has been axed. Last week 104 protesters were arrested in London; last Saturday Stroud police arrested peaceful protesters at the Freedom Rally and fined the organiser £10,000. This overblown reaction could be seen to be illegal.

Charles Walker, one of the 34 Tory MP's who voted vs the lockdown, ended his talk in the House of Commons with “Protest is the oxygen of democracy.”

I submit that the government could save millions if, instead of pouring out 80% to legions of the unemployed, it paid the elderly and vulnerable to stay in their houses and let everyone else live their lives.

Gabriel Millar