Ninety pupils at Minchinhampton Primary Academy are self-isolating after a member of staff tested positive for Covid-19.

Some Key Stage One classes are affected, with pupils forced to stay at home until Friday.

The school remains open for those not deemed to be close-contacts.

Pupils in Aqua class were initially told they would need to self-isolate, but this decision has since been reversed.

This is the second case of Covid-19 recorded at the school.

In a letter to parents last week headteacher Nick Moss said: "We feel frustrated that so many of our youngest children are out of school again, something none of us wanted or can afford.

"The actions we have been told to take by the Department of Education are of course precautionary –we have only had two actual cases.

"Unfortunately, younger children are deemed incapable of social distancing and therefore all children are sent home from a bubble and/or a class rather than some.

"My plea here now would be, despite the obvious anxiety that accompanies a situation like this, that we keep our perspective and hold our nerve.

"We have to strike a fine balance between safety and welfare and education- all of which, to varying degrees, depending on a person’s situation, are important.

"Please know that we are doing everything we can in school to keep the risks down and we have a clear sense here in school of just how important it is for the children to be in school if they possibly can be.

"Let’s hope the measures taken thus far have been and will be enough to avoid too many more self-isolation periods."