A FORMER youth worker from Stroud has released a book of poetry, just 23 days after publishing his first sci-fi novel.

Brendan Conboy's Rhyme Time is a collection of thought provoking short poems and songs.

In the book Brendan has covered topics including lockdown, depression, anxiety, death, life, overcoming, image, love, and social issues.

And each poem carries with it a message of hope, determination, perseverance and truth.

Brendan, who is well-known in Stroud as co-founder of The Door Youth Project, started his journey as an author in 2015.

After stepping down as CEO of The Door, a charity that he helped to establish nearly 30 years ago, he penned his first book.

An autobiography entitled The Golden Thread, it was in his words, 'a story of fear, forgiveness and faith.'

Brendan's second book, a sci-fi novel called The Invasion of the MIMICS, took two years to write, and was published on October 21.

And then 23 days later he brought out Rhyme Time.

Reviewing the book, Elaine Venning writes: "Brendan longs to share what has helped and saved him from destruction and despair, from crippling traps and snares, from lockdown to breakout, to burst through into a love of life, with a gift of hope to enjoy a world of challenge.

"With and without doubt, carefully and recklessly explored, Brendan rejoices to chart the many ways relationship with his Creator has made all the difference. The relationship factor simmers in each and every one of these poems and their cutting edge reaches out offering a lifeline, a telescope, a magnifying glass, a dare and most of all a companion’s hand along the way.

"Here, let the ordinary become extraordinary and in Brendon’s own words “take time to care…be valued, belong.”

To celebrate the launch of Rhyme Time, Brendan will be hosting an online evening of poetry and spoken word on Thursday, December 3, 2020 at 7.30pm.

To join the event on Zoom, visit: bit.ly/2UUSFov

All Brendan's books are available in Stroud from Scroll Eaters in the Brunel Mall.