A Stonehouse man who punched his pregnant sister while he was drunk has been sentenced to a two year community order.

Cheltenham Magistrates Court heard yesterday (November 24) that Gareth Frost, 29, of Selwyn Close, Ryeford, Stonehouse, had got so drunk on October 31 that he cannot remember punching his sister and telling her he didn’t care that she was pregnant.

Prosecutor Graham Dono said: “Frost’s sister allowed him to come and visit her in Stroud. She said he didn’t sound drunk when he phoned. But when he arrived at 8.10pm he was carrying a bag of alcohol.

“She told him that she didn’t want him in the house if he was going to drink. She contacted their grandmother and she agreed to take Frost in for the night.

“However, he started shouting at his sister in the doorway. She told him to leave. Frost then lifted his left arm and clenched his fist. His sister managed to grab hold of his arms and hold them down.

“Frost then started shouting at her partner and swinging his arms at the pair of them. Frost went to hit his sister but she managed to deflect a punch to her face.

“He then retaliated by punching her in the stomach. He told her ‘I don’t care if you are pregnant’ and continued to hit her. She was 15 weeks pregnant at the time.

“At that point Frost picked up his bag and left. He was arrested by police the following day and had no recollection of what had happened that night.

Gemma Walsh, defending, said: “Frost has succumbed to a number of alcohol problems over recent times. He is currently on a community order which is slowly addressing his alcoholic issues.

“Frost has unfortunately returned to drinking again. He accepts that his sister would not tell untruths and has no reason to doubt her version of events.

“However, since his arrest he has heavily reduced his alcohol intake to the lowest it has been for many years.

“He is utterly embarrassed and ashamed of his actions.

“Should he be offered unpaid work it would be a way a reminding him of his responsibilities and give something back to the community.”

The court was told that Frost had been working with probation and other relevant bodies and is making good progress, despite the 'recent hiccup.'

Frost pleaded guilty to assault by beating.

Julia Hurrell, chair of the magistrates, told Frost: “This was a particularly vicious and unkind attack on your sister. She shouted at you to stop, but you ignored her. You knew she was pregnant.

“As a punishment there will be 24 month community order during which you will have to complete 120 hours of unpaid work, and attend 30 days thinking skills programme.”

The magistrates also ordered Frost to pay court costs of £85 and a victim surcharge of £95.