Siobhan Baillie will give her pay rise to local Stroud charities and organisations who helped during the pandemic, the MP announced.

The Independent Parliamentary Standards Authority is expected to raise MP’s pay by an estimated £3,300, although the exact figure will be decided this month.

Mrs Baillie said: “I wrote to IPSA some weeks ago asking for them not to give MPs a pay rise.

“I did this because I do not agree we should be receiving a rise at a time of pandemic and when many people are losing their jobs and livelihoods.

“If the pay rise happens against MPs wishes, I intend to give the net amount to local Stroud charities and organisations who are helping people during the pandemic.”

MP’s do not set their own salary and instead IPSA links it to changes in public sector pay, as defined by the Office for National Statistics.

These statistics suggest average public sector earnings increased 4.1 per cent between June and August 2020.

MP’s from across the political spectrum have said they should not have a pay rise during the pandemic.