Stroud MP Siobhan Baillie today said the second online Cycling Summit had proved to be a positive discussion on how to better promote getting people on their bikes.

More than 50 people from local cycling groups, cyclists, the police, the Police and Crime Commissioner’s office, county and national highways staff and other local organisations joined Siobhan for the meeting last night.

Stroud Active gave a presentation of its forthcoming report into how cycling can benefit mid-sized towns.

They told the meeting that more funding is needed for cycling schemes and routes to encourage people to cycle and walk more.

The police also said they would look at issues around the safer opening of car doors, improved signage to encourage cycling and make it safer and work with local cycling clubs.

The highways team took away a number of points to investigate for parish councils in the area.

“This was a really positive meeting where everyone was very committed to improving the cycling experience in Stroud.

"The questions, lively group chat throughout the meeting and ideas were very useful.” said Siobhan.

“I welcomed Stroud Active’s report, which they want to use to help make the case for more funding for towns like ours, as cycling continues to gain popularity.

"I will continue to work with all councils and talk to ministers to see how this can be achieved.

“I think these summits should become a regular feature and I thank everyone for coming online to join in and for all the positive ideas and discussions that came from it.”

Stroud Active's report on cycling in Stroud was published this morning and is available here: