MORE people would cycle in Stroud if there were segregated cycle lanes, a report has found.

Campaign group Stroud Active surveyed over 350 people and found that many people are too afraid to cycle on the routes they use for regular journeys.

When asked what one change would make them cycle more, over 70 per cent of Stroud respondents cited segregated cycle lanes.

While cycling for leisure is popular in the area, a lack of safe lanes on the main routes mean the district is missing out on the economic and environmental benefits brought by cyclists.

To unleash cycling’s potential as a means of transport, the report argues that people want appealing segregated routes to the places they work and shop.

The report praises how local parish, town and district councils have prioritised cycling funding, for instance by providing cycle racks at the local station.

However, Stroud Active notes that so far there has not been commensurate levels of funding for cycling from other levels of government. It is therefore keen to make the case for investment in Stroud's cycling infrastructure.

The group is working with MP Siobhan Baillie, who leads a local cycling summit, and is keen to ensure that Stroud gets its share of available funding.

Ms Baillie has commented: “This is important research from Stroud Active that makes the case that mid-sized towns like Stroud need further investment in cycling infrastructure and I thank the group for undertaking it.

"I am really pleased so many groups and local people are committed to promoting cycling and walking in our district.

"I continue to work with all councils and talk to ministers to achieve this in partnership with local groups like Stroud Active.”

A spokesperson from Stroud Active said: “This report shows that there is considerable cycling potential in our town and massive local demand for cycling infrastructure investment that makes people feel safe.

"In the Netherlands, some of the towns with the best cycling culture are of comparable size to Stroud.

"We hope this report shows that our town, and similar sized towns in England, are worthy of investment. We look forward to working with different partners to make this investment a reality.”

Stroud Active's report on cycling in Stroud was published this morning and is available here: