TWO men found with a 'full sweet shop’ selection of Class A and B drugs ready for sale have been jailed for a total of 40 months between them.

Jordan Foster, 23, of Parliament Street, Stroud, and Mitchell Hannis, 25, of Kingsbridge Mews, Cheltenham, were arrested during an unrelated police enquiry in Gloucester. 

They were found to be in possession of heroin, crack cocaine, ecstasy and cannabis.

At Gloucester Crown Court, prosecutor Nicola Wood said the pair were arrested in Gloucester at 5pm on May 15 with a bag containing 71g of cannabis, 3.12g of heroin; 12.89g of crack cocaine and 28 ecstasy tablets and 5.97g of MDMA powder.

The total street value of the drugs was around £2,800.

The Judge, Recorder Richard Shepherd, observed: “This was a full sweet shop of Class A and B drugs.”

Miss Wood added: “Forensic analysis of the packaging revealed that Foster’s fingerprints were on the wrappings of the cannabis and his DNA was found on the heroin wrapping.

“A phone hidden in a sofa in the flat that they were arrested outside was found to belong to Hannis and after examination this was found to have evidence of drug dealing on it.

“Hannis was motivated by financial reward and must have been aware that he was operating a drug phone."

Recorder Shepherd interjected: “It was a significant role, and I don’t think this was an isolated incident.

"However, Hannis has not been charged with dealing over a period of time.”

Sarah Jenkins, defending Foster, said: “A basis of plea was offered in which he admitted being the custodian of the drugs for a very limited time.

“He was desperate and made a bad choice in taking possession of the bag.

"He was effectively homeless at the time of offending.

"He was vulnerable to suggestion and was estranged from his family.

“He has been engaging with the prison authorities since he was remanded into custody."

David Sapiecha, defending Hannis, said: “He has written to the court explaining that at the time of his offending he had split up with his partner who was a stabilising influence on his life.

"He states that he has since matured and grown up significantly over recent months.

“This was a very small operation which Hannis claims happened during a glitch in his life.

"He also volunteered the whereabouts of the phone, with the incriminating evidence on it, to the police.”

Hannis pleaded guilty to possessing a quantity of drugs, MDMA ecstasy, a Class A drug with intent to supply on May 15 and possessing a quantity of cannabis, a Class B drug, with intent to supply to others on the same date.

Foster pleaded guilty to possessing a quantity of Class A drugs, heroin, crack cocaine, MDMA (ecstasy) and cannabis, a Class B drug, with the intent to supply to others on May 15.

The judge jailed Foster for 14 months and Hannis for 26 months.

Recorder Shepherd said to Foster: “You had a lesser role in this, being the temporary custodian of the bag of drugs for a limited time.

"I accept you were in a desperate situation when you made a stupid decision to look after the package.”

The judge said to Hannis: “Your letter greatly impressed me. I can see that you will have a bright future if you put your heart and mind into the proposed business venture.

“However, you have an unenviable record of offending from which it seems you have stepped away from.

"You committed this offence while on a suspended sentence and I will be activating two months of it, which has been included in your total.

“I very much hope that the contents of your letter, is the truth.

"It tells me you are a bright, thoughtful person and I hope that when you are released you can put into action all of the positive plans you have suggested. The very best of luck on your release.”

The judge ordered the forfeiture and destruction of all drugs and phones seized.